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Drying For Freedom Preview Screening!!!



Bournemouth based AUCB graduate film director Steven Lake will be previewing his debut environmental documentary in the Arts University College Bournemouth main lecture theatre on Friday 27th May, 2011, at 6:30 pm.

The preview screening is free to attend as the production team would like to invite the audience to provide some written feedback on the film at the end.  The feedback will then be used to finalize the film before its release later this year.  The film is produced by Bournemouth based award winning film production company White Lantern Film.

Steven, who lives in Bournemouth, graduated in 2009 from the BA Film Production degree at the AUCB and has been working on his documentary film DRYING FOR FREEDOM since.  Working alongside him is AUCB graduate Rob Fuller who graduated from BA Graphics and Animation in the same year and is completing all the documentaries key animations.

The screening coincides with the Big Green Fortnight which aims to engage the local community and raise awareness about our carbon foot print.  Steven’s film reveals the expense to the planet and financially of drying clothes electrically exploring the bans some communities have placed on outdoor clothes drying.

Whilst there is a worldwide focus on cutting carbon emissions, household are prevented from living environmentally conscious lives as outdoor clothes lines are banned by their community.  DRYING FOR FREEDOM reveals the story of our love affair with energy; the people who are campaigning against it, the rules society have created to sustain it and the destruction it is causing to the planet.  It explores how line drying is banned across the U.S. and how these communities are fighting for their right to dry naturally.  DRYING FOR FREEDOM also shows how corporate America sold its citizens the dream of electric bliss in the 1950’s. It investigates the argument that globalization, in countries like India, continues to promote the use of electric driers over clotheslines, signifying that our future is hanging on the line.

The film will be release later this year and the production need your support to help bring this important message to world.  You can follow the team on facebook, twitter and youtube and donate at or and receive a range of exclusive rewards including merchandise, personalized DVD’s and even dinner with the director.

The special free preview screening is open to anyone who is happy to share their thoughts on the film at the end.  To book a ticket, please contact Tim on 01202 297009 or email Tickets will also be available on the door.  For more information about the film please visit

White Lantern Film is part of the White Lantern Media Group, one of the UK’s leading digital media social enterprise groups based in Bournemouth. The vertically integrated group combines training, development, production, distribution and experiences within the screen and entertainment sectors.  With innovation and talent at the heart of the business, the group aims to become a leading supplier of screen and event based entertainment in the UK.

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2 comments on “Drying For Freedom Preview Screening!!!”

  • On the heath

    Good luck with the preview night in Bournemouth Drying For Freedom.

  • Linda Watson

    I was very interested in the issues raised by this documentary. I had no idea so many places ban the use of clothes lines. Weather permitting, I always dry clothes outside and never use a tumble drier. When rainy, I use a clothes horse inside, but try to open windows to avoid dampness. Thank goodness I live in Scotland, in an area which allows me freedom to be environmentally friendly.

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