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Al Gore gives the clothesline a thumbs up

Al Gore has named the humble clothesline as one of the ten things the average person can do to help reduce their eco footprint.

Gore, who humorously refers himself as the ‘former next president of the United States’ has become a iconic figure on the environmental scene. He has received high praise for raising awareness on environmental issues as well as raised eyebrows from climate change naysayers.

While using the suns energy to dry your clothes saves electricity, Gore points out that there are other benefits from making this change. By side stepping the dryer in favour of a more natural process means that the cost and environmental impact of producing dryers is spared and clothes could even last longer.
Other things making Gore’s list include installing solar lighting outside, switching to compact flourescent lights and choosing hybrid cars over standard gas guzzling varieties.

In the shopping department, his biggest tip is to look for products with the least packaging and to keep an eye out for products made from recycled material or products that can be recycled after use. Of course, to reduce plastic production and the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills, taking your own reusable shopping bags with you is a must.

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