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Breeze Dryer is a family-run business and proud to be the first American distributor of the iconic line of Hills clotheslines and drying racks. BreezeDryer.com offers a variety of clothesline solutions to meet any clothes drying need, and create a more energy efficient home and a cleaner environment. Whether you’re hanging your laundry because you want to save energy and money or because you simply enjoy it, this is not your Grandma’s clothesline.

“I just received my Hills Hoist Rotary as a Mother’s Day gift. I am delighted!! I love hanging my laundry outside. Previously, I had those clunky old T-post clothesline poles, & they were an eyesore in the yard. THANKS!!” S.D.

“Absolutely love my Forest Glade Rotary! Had to replace my 15-year-old line dryer, and wanted something more heavy duty. The line spacing is perfect, and the clothes come out so soft. This is just the right size for my family of 4.” A.S.

Contrary to what you may have heard, it is easy to be “green”. The simple act of line drying can reap “green” rewards, both personally and globally.  To buy Hills products in the U.S. please visit one of the following retail outlets:
Breeze Dryer

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